Why Visit Smartcards Expo

Why Visit Smartcards Expo

Meet the sphere leaders from all over the world participating in our Smartcardsexpo 2017. Key industry players worldwide companies from the smart security, payment, identification and mobility industry.

Make the most of networking and business opportunities Discover new technologies from around the world, improve your knowledge of new products, applications, techniques ready for deployment in Asia. Attend the conferences with international experts from the smart card industry.

The whole digital security and smart card industry is represented:

  • Manufacturers of Electronic Components
  • Card manufacturers and embedders – smart cards
  • chip cards
  • magnetic stripe card Specialised equipment
  • Integrators / developers
  • Systems engineers
  • Logical access control systems- Open and closed networks
  • Computer Services
  • Printing- Customising – Embossing
  • Information Technology – software / hardware
  • Solution providers – Banking & Insurance
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail space
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Laser cards
  • Barcode
  • contactless cards
  • Terminals- Automation – Readers
  • Biometrics – fingerprints – iris scans – voice – dynamic signature
  • Network operators – Telephony – GSM
  • Electronic tags – product monitoring and management
  • Physical access control systems- buildings and premises
  • Identification systems
  • network Cards
  • Personalised Systems – electronics – photo – hologram
  • Certification system
  • Card manufacturing Contactless technologies

Payment solutions, e-Transactions

Components, IC’sDigital Identification, Authentication and Biometrics SolutionsTest equipment and services

Trusted Services & Solutions

With specialists in:

  • Payments systems (banking, loyalty, retail, alternative payments: mobile money, P2P)Mobile communication (connected personal devices, M2M, IoT)
  • ID security (e-passports, ID cards, visas, driving licences, e-documents and e-services, brand protection)
  • Transportation Health Access control (pay-TV, logical & physical control)Authentication (online banking, enterprise security, gaming/entertainment)

The Conference will cover:
Smart Cities (Smart Buildings, Smart Grids, Energy and Utilities, Security, Big Data, Transport Systems, Infrastructure); IoT Data Analytics ( Applications of Data Analytics, Driving realtime insights, Public and Commercial Projects, Case Studies); Reasearch Design & Development ( Retail, Healthcare, Research, Design and Developments Programmes); IoT Wearables ( Wearables – markets and Opportunities) IoT Industrial Applications (Manufacturing, Transport,Logistics,Advance Automation, etc).IoT Roadmap for India – Challenges and Opportunities and Other related topics.




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